Ramona Detroit Pizzeria opens for takeaway

The long-awaited launch of Ramona has finally arrived. Ok, well for now it’s just takeaways from their Detroit-style pizzeria, but it’s a start. A delicious start.

Located in what was a disused building on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter, on the other side of Great Ancoats Street to Mackie Mayor, Ramona will open in phases as the works are completed over the next few months.

Eventually, the site will house a pizzeria and bakery, a margarita bar, a coffee counter, a wood-fired grill and a stage. The tree-lined forecourt will also be transformed into a large beer garden with a campfire.

The front of the building has been completely transformed, with a fully white façade and festoon lighting, brightening up what was previously quite a dingy car park.

Now taking orders, Ramona is serving a menu of Detroit-style pizzas – rectangles of focaccia-like dough, baked in deep pans, covered first in cheese and then tomato sauce, with a crispy ‘crown’ round the edges where the cheese has melted to the sides of the pan.

Toppings range from simple Margherita to Triple Pepps (loaded with pepperoni), the Jabba (topped with Finocchiona salami, n’duja, sweet peppers and jalapenos) and the controversial Ham and Pineapple.

There’s also three vegan pizzas the Marinara, a vegan Margherita and vegan Jabba with their own vegan cheese, made on site.

Finally, there’s the garlic bread, which you may have seen gracing their Instagram account last week, being smothered in melted better. It can come topped with cheese or tomato (vegan).

The Jabba

Ramona released their first delivery slots this week, which was sold out in minutes.

I got my hands on a Margherita and a Jabba in the first drop. It was my first taste of Detroit-style pizza and I was an instant convert. It was delicious. The textures were wonderful – the pillowy pizza base and the crisp cheesy crown.

A special mention must also go to the dips. I had Detroit Honey Hot Sauce, Garlic and Herb and Hot Honey, and had a great time tearing off chunks of pizza and dunking, dipping and drizzling them in and on each bite.

Triple Pepp drizzled in hot honey

If, like me, you are new to Detroit-style pizza, you won’t be unaware for long as it looks to be the dish of 2021 in Manchester with lots of new places opening up.

There’s already been Four Side who serve fully vegan versions, as well as Corner Slice in Failsworth, who were the first to bring Detroit pizza to Manchester.

Ramona is open for click and collect and is releasing pick up slots every few days. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for details on when the next slots are open to book.

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